Real Life Monday – Busy

6:00 Alarm goes off

6:30 Kids’ alarms go off

7:00 Everyone dressed, lunches packed, eating breakfast, pick flowers

7:15 Leave for Middle School to drop off Bubby, pick up Sissy’s BFF-M, deliver flowers to BFF-M’s mom, ooohh and ahh over newborn baby A

7:40 Drop Sissy and BFF-M off at school, drive across street, drop Mem at his class, get busy at work

11:00 Leave for lunch after “crock-pot-drop” with friend, stop at grocery store to grab stuff to finish off supper, take crock-pot home and reset, refill tea, let out dog, clean up poop, heat up some lunch, head to car

11:30 Eat in car, back to work

3:30 School kids delivered, Mem and Bub in my room, finish up work

4:00 Leave work early to stop at store for Plan B as there is not time to make pie, pick up Sissy at piano, head home

4:45 Unload car, prepare dinner, cut fruit, load food and take to BFF-M’s family, drop off food and hang out for a bit

5:30 Return home, unload/load dishwasher, make supper for kids and me, pack lunches for tomorrow, watch kids play, eat supper

6:30 Help kids pack bags, check homework, lay out clothes for tomorrow, eat dessert, fold and put away basket of clothes

7:00 Kids playing in rain, lightning, kids inside, hail, check radar, storm passes, breathe sigh of relief that I will not have to share a bed with 2 extra children

7:30 Help Sissy paint toenails, help Memmy in  the shower, Send Sissy to shower, help all brush teeth, allergy meds, hello to Papa Bear

8:00 Read animal facts to Memmy

8:15 lay down by Mem, Sissy to bed, prayers, hugs, kisses

8:30 unload/load dishwasher, towels in washer, clean up kitchen and dining room

9:00 good night to Bubby, hang with Papa Bear, check email, facebook, read blogs, post this

10:00 head to bed, read Bible, pray

10:30 Sleep


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