Dear Diary

Dear Diary a.k.a. Folks in Blog World,

It’s been busy around here, but not too remarkable.  I like that word “unremarkable.”  We special ed. teachers use it to describe kids that are doing weird things, but not any weirder than all the kids around them.  Sometimes we use it to get out of describing the ordinary.  In my case, more often the second, as I seem to stay plenty busy with paperwork which is not my favorite part of my job. 

I digress, but then, as this is a diary post I can do that.  In a diary you are only held to your own standard and only you have to understand.  Pretty easy since I’m pretty familiar with the way I think!  I ramble.  I hop from topic to topic in my busy little brain.  So, I get to do that here.

Sissy was reading me some excerpts from her journal recently and I noticed she, too, writes just like she talks.  It was so fun to hear her read to me.  And, so totally cute that it didn’t even occur to her that sharing her intimate secrets wasn’t a totally normal thing to do with her mother.  I’m cherishing that about her.  She holds very little back from me.  I say very little since I can’t name anything that she holds back but I am covering my rear because surely there is something she doesn’t tell me.  Then again, she tells me so much.  She talks and talks and talks.  Again, when I am tempted to be frustrated I do my best to enjoy her chattiness.  Twelve is just around the corner when she won’t want to tell me anything!

Speaking of 12, Bub is so 12.  He so caught in that place beyond childhood, but outside the reach of adulthood.  He let go this rainy weekend and played quite a bit of Wii with the younger ones.  Yet, he is such a help to me.  He carries heavy stuff.  He pitches in without whining.  He could almost take care of himself without me.  He asks questions that really put me on the spot.  He makes me sad and proud.  He lightens the load of my arms and sits heavy on my heart.  I am awed by him.  He is growing so much and I am growing just a little bit alongside him.  When he was little my heart would practically burst with love for him.  I didn’t think I could love him any more.  Yet, I do.  I am so blessed to get to be his Mama.

Back to the unremarkable.  I’ve been tired.  I’ve been trying to hold to my go to bed at 10pm routine, but it isn’t working.  Tonight, however, lunches are made, clothes are laid out, hair is clean (everyone’s!), I read some books to Memmy and some poetry to Sissy, backpacks are packed, cheer bag is packed…  I’m going to be proud of all of that (and not think about what isn’t done) and let tomorrow take care of the rest. 

Good Night!



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