I Wonder What They Wished For

Memmy and Sissy being sweeties


We went for a little weekend getaway to Nashville last month.  It was awesome.  Most of my favorite moments were happenchance – the things that we just fell into… 

pretending to fall in the fountain


The Sunday before we left was dreary and cold.  We couldn’t go back to the mall because I had already overspent my limit.  We didn’t want to just go home.  Hmmm.  At breakfast a couple from our cheer team commented that The Opryland Hotel was beautiful.  Indoor atriums the size of football fields.  

Papa Bear and three Little Bears


Papa set “Judy Garmin” for The Opryland Hotel and we were off.  Papa loves any chance to use his new “girlfriend.”  It was rainy.  We missed the drive to turn in to park.  We drove around.  Kids were impatient.  Memmy was crying about something – I think his shoes.  The morning was spiraling down.  Amazingly Papa and I kept our happy faces on, paid the $18 bucks to park, managed to shoe the grouchy one, and headed into the hotel. 



It was breathtaking! 

King of the Escalator


We spent the whole morning there wandering through the gardens (3 huge ones), shopping at Godiva (mmmm), eating lunch by the lake (yes, indoor lake)

Bub, his chocolate cigar, and his peeps

We stopped a million times to pose for the camera.  It was just so pretty.  

Make a Wish

I think I spent almost as much as the parking letting the kids throw coins into the many, many, many fountains.    I wonder what they wished for?  I’m proud of me that I didn’t ask (though I was dying to).  I didn’t throw any money in.  

A Best Day!

I already had a morning better than any I could have wished for.


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