Sissy by the Numbers

  • Blew out 9 candles on her last birthday cake
  • wears size 1 and a half shoe
  • 62 pounds
  • 50 inches (I think)
  • grade 3
  • reading 2nd book in the Percy Jackson series
  • can do at least 4 back hand springs in a row
  • can hula hoop for over 40 minutes
  • owns 50ish Littlest Pet Shops
  • sits still about 2 minutes
  • size 7 clothes
  • sometimes laughs “the 2:30 laugh”
  • eats 5 chicken nuggets and all the apple dippers
  • rolls 2 eyes when she’s frustrated
  • sleeps 0 nights without Pinky
  • bosses takes care of one little brother
  • has a smile that could light 1000 rooms
  • has 1 mama that loves to cuddle up with her


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2 responses to “Sissy by the Numbers

  1. Eemaw

    What is a 2:30 laugh? Is it like a Rodchesters laugh? She looks like PJ in this picture. 50 inches that might be stretching it!! And hula hoop for 40 minutes and 4 back flips… I am impressed!!!

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