Things I Learned Today

Learn something everyday. 

Be a lifelong learner.

Never stop learning.

These are not only things I say.  Today, I learned a few things (some I knew once, but had forgotten).

  • The sun burns in spring too.
  • It’s better to stick to your list in Target.
  • Orange Cream soda is really good, even when it’s diet.
  • Trampolines shouldn’t have seven children on them.
  • Best friends are best friends.
  • Sunscreen on little children smells so summery.
  • When you play all day your muscles get sore, and so do your bones.  Sore enough that when  you are 5 you don’t think you can walk to the shower, but when you are 35 you can’t walk anywhere else.
  • I can still do a fine bridge, but I sure can’t kick over.
  • Doughnuts that are fresh are even better when you didn’t have to go get them.
  • God is good.

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