Here’s a few “quirky” notes about my wild bunch that I don’t want to forget…

Bubby is always lining things up.  When he “cleans” his room, it generally means he just lines things up on his dresser and tables.  The funny thing about that tendency is his ability to strew clothes all over the end of his bed and leave them there for and unending amount of time.  Believe me, I have left them there for over a week and the pile never moves….  The other stuff, however, stays lined up…

Sissy cartwheels everywhere – I truly mean everywhere!  She cartwheels in small spaces and big ones, the halls at school, the aisles at Walmart, busy shopping malls, the porch, the sidewalk, the trampoline… I haven’t seen her cartwheel into the tub yet, but I’ll keep watching.

Memmy has some great phrases.  One night Sissy wanted to sleep in his bed with him in hopes that the cats would also join.  I said, “No.  You’ll never go to sleep.”  Mem piped up with “Well, it suhpends with me.  It’s my bed so it suhpends with me and I say yes because it suhpends with me.”  He really said “suhpends” over and over!


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