49 words

Last year Papa Bear turned 48 and we celebrated with all those candles!  This year, Sissy and I solved that problem with (I kid you not) 4 inch tapers.  Yes, they had 4 inch tapers at the party store and we shelled out the almost 5 bucks for them.  It was worth it – a cake with no wax is much more tasty.

Papa Bear and I have had some especially good times the last several months.  I am learning to rely on him more.  I am learning to appreciate him more and manage him less.  (This is very difficult for a first-born nerd with a little OCD.)  I love him.  completely.  all of him.  with all of me.  When I think of him, I smile.  Here are 49 Papa Bear words, in no particular order.

crinkly-eyed, handsome, warm, cuddly, comfortable, capable, tough, strong, loud, witty, goofy

snoring, fixing, cooking, mopping, working, mowing, washing & waxing, building, buying, watching

playing, loving, listening, pitching & catching, chasing, tickling, teasing, joking, laughing, sleeping, hugging

husband, father, driver, coach, example, friend, leader, supporter, Coke-drinker, Mexican-food-eater

kind, thoughtful, date-remembering, sweetie


(Don’t you just love this photo!?  Even though Papa’s booty got a little wet soaked he is smiling!  Email me and I’ll give you the name of the photographer.)



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2 responses to “49 words

  1. Yep, I just love that photo. And all of you. 🙂
    Happy Birthday Papa Bear!

  2. rejoiceandbeglad

    Great picture. I am impressed. Everyone looks good AND you got the dog in the picture! Please, tell me how you pulled that one off.

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