The Game of Life

You’ve heard the phrase “Life Happens!”  Someone reminded me today that so much meaning relies on intonation.  Often you hear “Life Happens!” with a touch of cynicism or sarcasm.  Think about the difference when you say it with joy.  “Life Happens!”  As it happens at our house this weekend, most of it was joyful.Saturday began with Sissy’s cheer practice and Memmy’s soccer game for me.  Bubby and Papa Bear left early for Tiggy’s State Basketball Tournament for Special Olympics.  The weather was beautiful!  After soccer and drive thru tacos we went to pick up pottery.  Last weekend Memmy and Sissy painted these beautiful ceramics and have been counting the days until we could pick them up.

Memmy and his plate: Sparkle and Lightning peeking through the grass

Sissy and her flower bank (the other side is polka dots)

The went on to play outside the rest of the day.  Life Happens! Tiggy got a second place medal at his tournament.  Papa and the big boys went to a few favorite stores while they were in the city.  Bubby commented more than once that he had a great day. One of my highlights to Saturday was going to Walmart.  Bub and I went to Walmart just as the little kids were getting ready for bed.  For some crazy reason, we always have a blast at Walmart when it is just us.  He’s helpful.  He’s funny.  He’s a great kid.  I even braved the germs to try the foot analyzer with him!  Life Happens.Today began with a fantastic church experience.  The music this morning was awesome.  I was moved to tears more than once.  I forgot to put the frozen chicken in the crock pot before church so we “had” to go out for Mexican on our way home.  That turned out to be a blessing with good food and better company.  We spent the afternoon cleaning up and I even took a nap!  Tonight we enjoyed the finally cooked chicken with a fresh springy salad.  Life Happens!Bubby and Sissy have rediscovered the board game stash this weekend.  I played Chutes and Ladders with Mem while I cooked dinner.  After dinner they pulled out Life for one more game. 


They were having so much fun they didn’t even stop for dessert! LIFE HAPPENS!


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One response to “The Game of Life

  1. Brooke

    Good Times! (said with positive intonation!)
    I remember playing Life when I was little and wanting to have the baby peg people in my car so much, I turned down the really lucrative job road. Everyone made fun of me at the time. Maybe there was something to that.

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