A Day in the Life – Part Two

Yesterday I posted a weekend day.  Today I was thinking to capture a week day.  I’m going with Wednesday, though every weekday is a little different.

On weekdays I wake up at 6:00 and get ready for work.  At about 6:45 I go down and wake up Sissy and Memmy.  Sissy is pretty self sufficient with only verbal reminders.  Memmy is usually a fight.  Mornings with Mem are unpredictable so I try to lay everything out the night before.  By 7:15 we need to be in the car to go to school, but sometimes we run a little late.  Every other Wednesday my friend B picks Bubby up and drops him at Middle School.  Once a month Papa is home to do it.  Once a month I do.  Then it’s a drop off at Sissy’s elementary school.  Then Memmy and I go to our school.  (My classroom is now in a building across the street.)

Once in the building I grab a handful of pretzels or nuts or something from my breakfast stash at work.  I also keep a stash of Coke to start my days with.  Kids start rolling in around 7:45.  By 8:00 they’re all at school and we start the day.  My morning is busy with eating, group time, centers, singing, reading, patterning, diapering, counting, building, and pretending.  desperately I attempt to photograph and take data  on every child and through in one (grown up) trip to the bathroom and the morning is gone.  By 11:30 the kids are off with parents or on the school bus.  I heat up my lunch and chat with my colleagues until about 5 minutes before noon.  At noon, the afternoon class comes in and it all starts again.  By 3:30 the afternoon class is on buses or picked up and I can clean up the room and get out things for the next day.  Usually I have great friends who bring me Bubby (who rides a bus from Middle School to the Elementary School) and Sissy over to my building.  Wednesdays I leave early so I am usually in the car by 4:00. 

This spring Memmy has soccer from 4:30 until 5:15.  Some days Sissy has cheer from 5:30 to 6:30 – usually the days Papa is off to help me with pick up.  My favorite thing about Wednesdays is that we have Small Group Bible Study on Wednesdays.  That means several glorious things.  One, Papa Bear mops all the floors and cleans the kitchen on Wednesdays.  When I get home I just have to do the bathrooms and pick up Sissy and Memmy’s room.  Two, four of five weeks another family prepares dinner on Wednesdays.  Mmmmm. 

People start arriving at 6:00 for Small Group.  First we eat, then we sit for Bible Study, then we close in prayer.  Three, I love Small Group.  I love learning.  I love my friends.  I love having these families to support my family. 

After Small Group it’s baths and laying out clothes and getting together backpacks and finishing homework (usually the kids do homework at school while I am still working) and reading and prayers and sleep.  On Wednesdays the goal is to have the kids in bed by 9:00.  After they are in bed I finish cleaning up the dishes, lay out my stuff for the next day and sink into the tub to relax and wash my hair.  Sometimes I unwind at the computer for a few minutes.  Sometimes Papa and I have a few minutes to hang out.  My goal is to be in bed by 11:00.  Then I read my Bible and say my prayers and go. to. sleep. 

Ah.  That’s a Wednesday.  A good and busy day.  Not everyday is like that.  Most days the kids go to bed between 8:00 and 8:30.  Mondays, we have piano and cheer but are home for the night by 6:30.  Tuesdays are busy but home by 8:00.  Thursdays and Fridays are usually home nights.  I pick one day a week to work until at least 5:00.  I make sure we have at least one night with nothing but fun, spontaneous stuff.

And that concludes A Day in the Life!


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