A Day in the Life – Part One

I love to read Kelly’s Korner.  Every week she has a “Show Us Your Life” post.  She started out with pictures of rooms in your house.  I guess that was when I decided I would not be able to participate.  My house is never in a place where I would want to take tons of photos to put out for the whole world.  Hopefully after reading a day or two in my life, you’ll forgive me for not showcasing my crazy house.

Anyway, this week’s is “A Day in Your Life.” 

Here is today.  Today is Saturday.  I slept in a few minutes and didn’t roll out of bed until about 7:00.  I hopped in the tub and sent Papa Bear down to wake up Sissy.  I had a few beauty minutes and got dressed for the day.  I got Sissy and all her stuff together for cheer practice.  On the way to cheer I went to put on my make up only to realize that I had forgotten it at home.  I dropped her off, drove back home to grab make up and applied on the way back to cheer.  Now I am at cheer starting this post so I’ll have to finish later.

After cheer practice I hurried as fast as possible to the soccer park.  Memmy had a soccer game that started at the same time cheer ended.  Luckily this is Papa Bear’s weekend off so he took him to the game.  I got there just before half time.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I loved cheering him on.  Preschool soccer is so much fun.  I love that the kids are more concerned with making sure Mom and Dad saw the kick or hanging out with their buddy on the opposing team than actually scoring a goal.  After soccer I stopped by the friend’s house where Bubby slept over last night.  I collected him and all his stuff and headed to the house.  I “short order cooked” various leftovers for everyone’s lunch.  The kids played outside in the sunshine while I cleaned up the kitchen.  After lunch we went to the furniture store to look for TV stands.  All of us.  I tried to look at furniture and keep up with Memmy, well, actually pull Memmy off various pieces of furniture that apparently looked like climbers.  Finding nothing, Papa suggested we drive to another store 30ish minutes away.  It was closed.  Headed back  home.

At home, Papa hung out with the kids while I took. a. nap.  Yes.  Took a nap!

After my nap I tackled the laundry pile.  I sorted this week’s, finished folding and putting away last week’s and got to washing and drying.  After cleaning a bit we loaded up to head out to dinner – Eemaw’s treat!

We went to the greatest pizza place where they don’t cook until you order.  They have air hockey and a pool table and an electric train and a Brio set and cards and dominoes and board games and and and for you to do while you wait – and it’s all free!  After a great dinner and a great time we stopped at Target.  I love Target and I love that I managed to get out for under 50 bucks!

After Target, back home for baths and laying out clothes and snacks and picking up a few more toys.  Memmy had a melt down.  I calmed him and got him in bed.  Sissy laid down with her book.  I changed the laundry around.  I planned meals for the next two weeks, made a grocery list, and headed to the store at 8:30.  Though the guy in the checkout was very kind, he was very slow. I made it home about 9:30, put everything away and changed the laundry again. 

Papa made popcorn and put in a movie.  I’m listening and typing.  Bubby’s watching with him.  I’m going to finish this up, fold the laundry, get together the gear for tomorrow’s soccer game, wrap the gift for tomorrow’s baby shower and hopefully drop into bed by 11:30.  Right now I am reading through the book of Job, so after a few chapters and prayers I hope to drift sleepily off to dreamland…  Better get moving!  Dreamland is sounding pretty dreamy.


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