Bad Hair Day?

So maybe a “good hair day” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I looked at the clock for the first time this morning at 6:17.  Ugh.  Not enough time to wash my hair.  My dirty hair.  Very dirty hair.  I am normally a wash my hair every other day kind of girl.  Now, when the “wash day” falls on a not-so-busy Saturday, I’ve been known to stretch it out a bit.  But, today’s hair was dirty.  I had let it go a bit longer since I had it done Friday and I wanted to relish the “goodness” of it as long as possible.  Plus it was an uneventful weekend. 

I planned to wash it last night, but every mother knows how “plans” go.  Memmy took a long bath.  Sissy took a long bath.  Papa came home from work and took a restful shower.  It was late.  I was worried about not having enough hot water.  I like hot water.  Really hot water.  I decided to wait until this morning – risky on a Monday with a 7:30 meeting and new hair that could behave unpredictably.  Well, being the risk taker I am, I went to bed.  Fast forward to 6:17.  Ugh.

It wasn’t looking good.  Then, a few things fell into place.  The water was hot.  I still had dirty hair when I was finished, but my legs were smooth.  I had already laid out my clothes so there was no struggle with the closet contents or lack thereof. 

Bubby got himself up and in and out of the shower.  He needed no help from me.  Papa Bear got the littler two up and moving with no tears.  Clothes were already laid out for them too – which means no screaming and no shoes thrown across the room by Memmy.  Lunches were already packed last night.  Sissy simply put the “freezy” in and zipped ’em up.  Papa Bear volunteered to take Bubby to school. 

I hit the stoplight just right to get almost all of my eye make up on before we got to school.  I made the 7:30 meeting.  The morning was productive.  Though my little people were a little extra tiring this afternoon, I did enjoy a picnic on the floor with the 6 kiddos who actually helped at clean up time.  I did have a few students read several sentences to me.  I did get lots of sweet hugs. 

I had a quick meeting after school and left in time to pick Sissy up from piano.  We made it to cheer on time.  She changed there since I remembered to put the cheer bag in the car.  I dropped the boys back home with Daddy and made it to the post office minutes before closing time.  I stopped to fill the tank and had just enough cash to cover it.  Even enough left for a Nutty Bar for Sissy.  I picked Sissy up at cheer.  She was tired, but good tired.  She worked hard and had fun. 

I came home to the smell of bacon frying.  Papa Bear set the table while I made french toast.  We sat down together with the TV off.  Everyone ate dinner and commented that it was good.  Everyone had a good day.  Memmy and Sissy kept firing off their reasons for their good days.  three suckers.  not sucked in by 3rd grade gossip drama.  best friends.  cool drawings.  good grades.  Then we all had fun firing questions at Bubby about his day.  We left the table with tummies and hearts full.  The kids decided to have a dish of ice cream.

We laid out clothes for tomorrow, dressed for bed, picked up toys, signed assignment books, read stories, and went to sleep with no tears.  Again, all of that with no tears.  None.  And no screaming.

So the next time I start out with a “bad hair day” I’m not going to worry.  What’s hair anyway?

Better go.

The hot water is running and I can smell the shampoo already.


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