Snow Day with Daddy

All the kids on the Daddy Snow Day

Last month we had some good snow!  Then a few things didn’t cooperate.  It snowed on a Friday.  Papa Bear was working all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I was feeling horrible and made a doctor’s appointment as I left school.  I went to the doctor and was thankful to get a shot.  That’s how bad I felt. 


I went home feeling crummy.  We laid around and watched the snow fall.  I drug myself out of bed early Saturday with a long to-do list.  I had to pack for an overnight cheerleading competition.  I had to drive the 2ish hours to the hotel.  I had kids (with new sleds) that wanted to go out and get in the 8ish inches of snow!

Trouble One and Trouble Two

We dressed in all those layers and headed out to The Hill about 3ish blocks from our house.  Many times that morning I questioned myself – there is a fine line between commitment to being a good mother and a mother that needs to be committed.  Many times I thanked God for Bubby.  He is a great big brother.  By the time we arrived at The Hill, I was feeling better – encouraged by the opportunity to try out the new sleds!  We had a great time, froze, headed home.  I finished packing and we were in the car in enough time to get to the hotel without having to drive at night.  Whew.

What a handsome guy!

Sissy had a great competition (that’s another post for another day) and we made it home safe and sound Sunday night.

Sweet Sissy!

Monday was teacher meeting day.  I went to work.  PB stayed home with the kiddos.

That's a cool dad!

They had a “Best Day!”  I am so sad that I missed it, but so grateful that they all have fun together.

Prince of the Hill

Brotherly Love?

After all that sledding, Bubby, Sissy and Memmy came home to make pizzas.  Mmmm.  I did get to have some leftovers.

Getting messy is the best part

Cheeeeese! Mmmmmmm.


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