Valentine Surprises

Saturday morning my youngest two children were playing quietly.  I have commented before that this is a new thing for them.  They have become great friends – playing Legos, coloring, pretending.  So, rather than worry, I checked my facebook, my email, folded some laundry and swept the floor.  I knew they were planning to surprise Daddy and I told them I would help them with that surprise closer to lunchtime.  (Papa Bear worked the night before are needed some rest before working the next two nights.)  Turns out they didn’t need my help.

I had them pose before they brought Dada down.  I love the evidence of “Oreo-sampling” on their faces.

After that lovely meal.  I wasn’t so surprised on Sunday morning when I was asked to stay upstairs until I was called for.  I enjoyed a long and hot bath before being called down the stairs to find this.

To Memmy and Sissy:  I loev U U U, 2 2 2!  Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite little Valentines!

I also read this list of surprising facts on Valentine’s Day and thought it was super cool!


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