Happy Hearts Day

My friend Jen inspired me to create some Valentine treats for my little Valentines.  My goal yesterday was to NOT go to the store.  I have been trying to be a better steward of my resources, so avoiding the store is a workable strategy.  Plus, the day was sort of pretty and Memmy and Sissy were having too much fun outside.  I scraped together some Ritz crackers left over from Super Bowl and some almond bark left over from Christmas and some sprinkles left over from who knows when (last Valentines Day?!) and made these.

They kids came in just as I was finishing up.  I let them use up the last of the almond bark and the end of a bag of pretzels to make more, but I think they licked more chocolate off their fingers than they actually put on pretzels!

The creativity didn’t end there.  I drug out a bunch of scrapbook junk and covered the dining room table with it.  I let Mem and Sis go to town making Valentine cards.  We stayed up late glueing and cutting and drawing.  I should have taken photos of all the beautiful cards they made!  Maybe tomorrow.  Everything turned out awesome.  Happy Hearts Day!


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