Me and Sissy

I was so proud of this Valentine’s Box!  Not only did Sissy take it to school the very first day for bringing them, but we came up with the idea by ourselves.  I am sure there is a website or magazine somewhere that has the idea for turning an oatmeal container into a tootsie roll, but we had only the oatmeal container for inspiration.  Amazingly we found a tootsie roll in my desk and an idea was born!  The wax paper on the edges was my idea, the coloring hers.  She helped me tape, I helped her tie ribbon.  “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” or to quote one of my own old favorite shows, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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4 responses to “Tootsie

  1. Eemaw

    What a great idea. Did it get filled up with valentines and candy?? :)Eemaw

  2. rejoiceandbeglad

    Great idea! I would have needed the get an A for creativity!

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