A Princess and her Daddy

Looking back through photos I realized that I failed to post lots of great things this fall.  Here are Papa Bear and Sissy getting ready to leave for the Daddy-Daughter Dance, A Night with Cinderella, at church.  What a gorgeous couple! 

She and I had so much fun as she got ready.  We chatted as I spiral curled her hair and let her wear lip gloss and sprayed her with sparkles left over from Mem’s rock star birthday.  She was excited to see the beautiful dresses her girlfriends would be wearing.  She was wondering what kind of snacks she’d find.

I was worried.  It seems that Papa and Sis spend very little time alone together.  When Papa and I split up the kids it seems that she is always with me.  Either he takes the older boys and I take Sis and Mem, or he has the boys and I have her.  She likes many of the same things that I do.  She is easy to take shopping so she often runs errands along with me while the boys stay home with Daddy. 

Sissy is a little tiring.  Papa is not so patient.  I was worried that the evening could be difficult – and I wasn’t sure who I was more worried about!

Turns out I worried for nothing, though I must not have been the only one. 

When I asked Papa how it went, he was pleased that the other dads were just as nervous about dancing as he was.  He was proud that he could whirl his little girl all around the dance floor.  Some of the pictures cracked me up:  the girls dancing together and the dads sitting at the table with their cell phones.  But then, there were some beautiful photos of Sissy and Daddy dancing happily together.  Their faces were shining!  It was easy to see how much fun they were having together.

Here was mine and Sissy’s conversation:

Me:  How was the dance?

Sis:  Awesome! (She went on to tell me how awesome.  She told me all about her friends and the dancing and the food and EVERYTHING.)

Me:  How was Daddy?

Sis:  Great! (pause) Yeah, I was surprised too!

Crack me up!  I didn’t think I let my concern show, but she must be more perceptive than I give her credit. 

Seems that we all worried for nothing.  Or, maybe we worried just enough to work to make the evening magical.



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2 responses to “A Princess and her Daddy

  1. I just have to say that seeing these pics of you and your family made me so “proud” (for lack of a better word) for you. Your kids and your hubby are awesome, and you’re at such a good place – yay for you!

  2. rejoiceandbeglad

    Bailey had a great time at the Father/Daughter Ball. You are right, the pictures from that evening are priceless. Becca

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