I am liking the idea of looking through photos for inspiration.  I found this photo of Sissy and her BFF.  Sissy is spending the night at M’s house tonight.  These girls are great friends.  They bring out the best in each other.  M is a little quiet (until you put a microphone in her hand.)  Sis covers her insecurities with silliness.  But, put these two together and they have a confidence that shines!  It’s funny to be to think of them being in 3rd grade and being “best friends.”  What will their friendship be like in 30 years?

I met my BFF in 3rd grade.  We bonded over being a little off balance, having divorced parents, and our substitute’s “meanness.”  We read The Boxcar Children and worried about what Santa would bring.  We chased boys past the big tree and learned to flip over the bars.  For a while I went to another elementary school.  I made new friends.  What brought us back together in 8th grade, I don’t remember, but here we are today.  We made it through teal mascara and mean girls in junior high.  We made it through the countless trials of high school.  (The “Pickle Almost-Crash,”  all her crushes, Burger Lane, driving, chemistry, plays, and the loss of a friend to name a few.)  We were roomies in college where she literally saved my life at least once – and I hers more than once.  Then we were mothers of young children together.  And wives.  And mothers of older children. 

Don’t think I haven’t disappointed her or let her down. (“The List” and others that I’m trying to forget.)  And she has failed me as well. (Though I honestly can’t think of a single incident.)  But we’ve learned from each other.  We grew up together.  Then we grew up a little more – enough to learn that we’re still not really grown up. 

My grandma often spoke of her cousin Patsy, who was also one of her very best friends.  I love the images in my head of Patsy and Peggy up to no good.  They worked at staying friends through all of life’s twists and turns.  She gave me good advice:  “Keep close to you someone who knew you when you were young.” 

As I watch Sissy and M, I wonder, “Will M be the one who knew Sissy when she was young?”  If so, they are off to a good start.


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