Cuddle Up!

In my effort to blog more often, I just opened some photo folders for inspiration.  I love this photo!  I didn’t even know it was being taken, but I love that we look so “comfortable” together.  This is from Thanksgiving.  What could I be more thankful for than my family?   I love that Mem is all cuddled up next to me.

Mem is my touchy child.  I was talking at a birthday party today about the differences of my little people. 

Bub was always in motion.  I often describe him as my “sensory nightmare” child.  He was the head banger, the colicky one, the sleepless one…  I rocked and rocked and rocked him.  When we weren’t rocking, I walked and walked and walked with him.  I walked circles around the living room in my sleep when he was a baby.  I thank God that he was first.  I could never have made it through his babyhood while caring for other children. 

By contrast, Sissy was easily content.  (Another gift from God since Bub was 3 when she was born and still not easy.)  She was the one that I couldn’t figure out what to do to get her to go to sleep and put her down in frustration.  After a few times I noticed that she always went right to sleep when you put her down.  Ah-ha!  She liked to fall asleep on her own.  She continued to be that baby and toddler.  When she got tired she would just lay down and sleep – no matter where she was.  She slept on the old wood gym seats during a wrestling tournament.  She slept in the car.  She slept on a couch in the middle of Christmas.  She slept in the airport.  Easy!  As she got older, she would just go get in bed when she was tired.

But this picture makes me think of Mem.  He is cuddly.  He likes to be touching you when he goes to sleep.  He is the only one that spent a fair amount of time in my bed.  I do think that part of that has to do with his brain surgery.  Around that time, I couldn’t tell him no.  Plus, I liked having him close so I could always be checking on him.  He was also the only one I nursed so his cradle stayed beside my bed a little longer than the other two.  I do think those things contribute, but the real reason is that he is just a cuddly guy.  When he sleeps with me he is always touching me – a leg thrown over, an arm across my neck and whole little body smushed up next to me.  When he talks to me, he always touches me.  He grabs my arm, turns my face by pulling my cheek, holds my hand.  It’s who he is.

This picture reminds me to celebrate that, to cherish that he likes to be close to Mama.  There are lots of times when I want to scream at him (and a few times that I do actually scream) to stop touching me.  He grabs me when I have things in my hand or turns my head when I am looking at something.  Sometimes he causes spills or hurts my neck.  But he won’t always want to be close to me. 

My prayer today is to cherish his closeness, to appreciate his specialness, and to ask nicely when I need to keep me for me.



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2 responses to “Cuddle Up!

  1. Brooke

    I love this.
    Mem is touchy. I have noticed he even touches me when he wants to talk to me. It always surprises me when he takes my hand to tell me about something. Eva is cuddly but Eli is cuddlier and I find myself wishing he could just stay 4 so it will be okay for him to be cuddly with me…girls can flop with their moms on the bed to talk forever (I still do) but it seems like guys can’t. So I just give those chubby cheeks as many kisses as I can and rub that curly head. And when he says, “I need to hold your hair!” I still let him even though he is probably too big. Sometimes I get tired of it and need to keep me for me too, but I pray I can cherish this closeness and be big enough to let it go…

  2. You got it exactly! (Though Bub still comes up behind me and lays his head on my shoulder from time to time.) My other fear is that Memmy does that to make sure he has my attention. I worry that he has to fight for it in this crazy bunch! Then, of course, later worry that I am leaving someone else out – a mother’s worry is never done! That’s when I have to remember to take my own advice. “If you are worrying about it, you are probably doing it fine!”

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