A Long, Long List

Sissy read me a list today.  A long list.  I was afraid that it was a list of things she’d like to accomplish in 2010.  Turns out she’s open to it taking a little more than a year…  Whew.  I like her list.  I hope we get to them all together.  (Well, maybe not  16 or 27….and 25 better have some pretty serious amenities.)

It starts out with the places she wants to go and things she wants to do.

  1. go to a museum
  2. go to an art show
  3. an aquarium
  4. a sea lion show
  5. a train ride
  6. go to the beach for one month
  7. movies
  8. LA for two weeks
  9. New York for one month
  10. musical show
  11. Fancy Dinner
  12. Fancy Lunch
  13. swimming pool
  14. Alabama for two weeks
  15. ice skating
  16. roller blading
  17. scooter riding
  18. bike riding
  19. water park
  20. on a boat
  21. Go to Branson for one week
  22. zoo
  23. Columbia for two weeks
  24. a shopping trip to India for a week
  25. camping for a month
  26. horseback riding
  27. hunting
  28. skiing
  29. to the pet store

Then she moves on to the more serious shopping.

  1. buy a house
  2. buy seven cars (two Corvettes, a Dodge truck, a Smart Car, two Mustangs and a Harley)
  3. buy new bedroom furniture
  4. go to the art store
  5. go to the music store
  6. the book store
  7. the computer store
  8. shopping at Target, Walmart, Staples, Schnuck’s, and Aldi’s

What a great list!  Watch out world.  Here she comes.



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3 responses to “A Long, Long List

  1. Bob

    I love it that “shopping at Aldi’s” shows up on the same list as “go to the beach for one month.” So heart-felt.

  2. Michele Peters

    Wow! Love the list! Not sure why she wants to shop in India for a week…but oh, well! I love a kid with big dreams!

  3. Brooke

    I love the various lengths of time for the things…the beach one month, but Columbia two weeks…

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