One of My Favorite Gifts

Sis gave me some of the best gifts ever this year.  She picked out a New Moon CD for me with Daddy.  She brought home the beautiful creations she made at school.  She drew some pictures with the babysitter and wrapped them up.  She worked hard on a handprint with K that is proudly displayed behind me.  She did great! 

But, I think my favorite is the one she did all on her own.  She filled a gift bag with some of her make up and nail polish – each with a label “sample” taped to each one.  Then she added several strips of paper with promises.  If I was more computer savvy and patient I would scan them in so you could see all the XOXO and sweet comments.  As it is, I’ll just try to type them out:

  • Cuhchoow – free family dinner with TV – off limits TV
  • free kiss pass – Merry Kissmas
  • free fun what ever day – coolismas huh
  • free girl day pass X2 (pretty present drawing)
  • free makup and spa and hair day pass XX X X XX XX XX XX XO XOO XO XOO XO XOO
  • free play date pass X2 – Merry Christmas
  • Love you – free hug pass – XO XO XO (Christmas tree drawing)

I can’t wait to use them!  This was even better than the clean room I asked for. 😉  What a blessed Mom I am!


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One response to “One of My Favorite Gifts

  1. Michele Peters

    Sweet! Now that’s a cool kid!

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