What I Want to Remember About Today

A few bullets from a tired and happy Mama

  • The kids rode their new bikes and scooters IN THE HOUSE because it was too yucky outside!  How fun to get to ride your bike all through the house!
  • Playing spades and spoons with some of my very favorite people
  • Hearing my “Little Drummer Boy” pound play his new drums
  • Noticing how old Bub is and how much less materialistic he is this Christmas than last
  • A beautiful Christmas tree full of ornaments that bring me sweet memories
  • Rockin’ out to the Beatles
  • Great food!  We are so blessed to be able to put such awesome food on our table (and to have friends that add even more awesome food).
  • Watching Sissy change her hair and clothes a million times – loving her new Justice stuff
  • Watching G be one of the “big kids” and playing cards with the “adults”
  • Among all the craziness of Christmas this has been a wonderful day – a miracle when you think of all the things (well, people actually)  that had to work together – a miracle that reminds us of the true miracle that is Christmas – Happy Birthday Jesus!

Thank you for these people I have made my family – Merry Christmas!


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One response to “What I Want to Remember About Today

  1. Brooke

    Love it! 🙂

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