It’s Ornament Time!

Papa put the tree back together again today.  Then he put it together again.  Then he shut the cats upstairs.

After piano and cheerleading and frozen lasagna, it was finally Ornament Time.  Memmy stayed home “sick” with Papa today so he has been tempted by the empty tree all day.  (Though he did manage to put on a few candy canes.)

I sorted out the cherished breakables for another year and let the kiddos put them on the tree.  I would hate to give Papa another reason to “strongly dislike” Sparkle and Lightning.  I used to be the mom that couldn’t let the tree go.  I used to worry that there was never more than one ornament on a branch.  Not any more.

I used to worry that things wouldn’t match or that the most “important” ornaments wouldn’t be in the front or the “less beautiful” ones wouldn’t be on the back.  After 12 years of motherhood I have learned that the tree always looks beautiful from a child’s perspective.  All the ornaments are important – even the tacky ones.  All of them have a story.  I f0und one tonight that surprises me every year.  I remember making dough ornaments with my Mom when we lived in the country – so I know I had to be in kindergarten or first grade.  In my memory we were in the same house we lived during the blizzard so I was probably in first grade.  I would have been six years old.  Every year I am shocked that it is still intact from the year before.  Well, this year – the back of it was a little moldy looking.  I cleaned it off.  I’m hoping for the best, but it may be the last year for “The Amy Ornament.”  I took a photo just in case it doesn’t make it until next year.  How lucky am I that it has lasted this long!?  How amazing is it that Grandma Peggy had those yarn and paper angels year after year after year?  I guess that means that I’ll have these paper plate handprints for many, many, many years to come!  Here are few photographs of the kids putting ornaments on the tree.  I love the one of Memmy.  I couldn’t have staged it any better.  I put his ornament on, then clapped with joy!  (Notice I said “clapped” not “flapped” just in case it is not completely clear in the photo.)  Even Bub joined the fun with his Santa hat.  I am proud of the way he has caught the Christmas Spirit this year.  Merry Merry Merry Christmas!


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  1. Brooke

    Yay! I have chilled out a little about the ornaments too. I let them put theirs on however they want (but first, I have put on “ours” in higher spots.) Lily made a bee line for the tree and I was so proud of her for crawling across the room, I even took down and talked about the ornament she was scrambling for (picture of Eva in a gold frame). Hopefully, she will be more gentle than Sparkle and Lightening in future encounters.

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