thursday Play by Play

So I have a good friend who recently posted a play by play of her Saturday.  I liked it.  The day to day things are the things that I really want to remember – and the things I tend to forget.  That said, here’s yesterday.

  • Wednesday night – I went to bed with clean hair so I could set alarm up 15 min.
  • 6:00 – The alarm went off and I laid in bed, mentally rummaging through closet thinking of “picture-ready” clothes for school.  This was the day the newspaper was scheduled to come to school and do a story on the new preschool expansion.  I decided on khaki pants, denim jacket and a brown tee.  I had yet to open my eyes.  They were still closed as I tried to remember where the belt is that would match.  I snuggled with Papa Bear and asked if he’d iron my pants.  As I knew he would, he agreed (Love him!)
  • 6:15 – I laid in bed a few more minutes before I drug my still-tired self out of bed.  I emptied the litter box of yucky stuff.  I fed Sparkle and Lightning.  I cleaned up myself and returned to my bedroom to don freshly ironed clothing.  (Still lovin’ him!)  
  • 6:30  – I heard Bubby alreadyin the shower.  I love that he is old enough and responsible enough to set his own alarm clock and actually get up when it goes off!  He gets completely ready every morning with very little prompting from me.  What a great kid!  I returned to bathroom to attempt to fix my hair. 
  • 6:50 – I went downstairs and found Lucy dressed and ready with lunch packed and clean teeth and brushed hair.  Life is beautiful!  I walked into the living room just in time to hear Memmy veto the shirt Papa was offering.  I was just thankful that he already had on shorts and wasn’t crying yet.  Mornings are not easy for Memmy.  I promised a suitable shirt and ran to his room to dig a favorite tee-shirt from his basket of clothes that I still need to put away.  Success!  Then Papa asked what shoes he wanted.  Tennis shoes!  I mentally cringed.  I took a deep breath and prayed that one of the only 3 pairs of socks he’ll wear without a meltdown is clean.  Back to the pile of Mem’s un-put-away clothes.  I quickly found the white socks.  I thanked God for the answered prayed, then thanked Him again for the speed! 
  • 7:10 I made the first trip to car.  I made the second trip to car.  While everyone was getting buckled I searched for my make up bag.  As a general rule, I apply make up in the car on the way to school.  If I time it just right, I’ll be at the only stop light between home and school about the time I put on mascara.
  • 7:20  We made it to the main building in time for Bubby to catch the bus that takes him to Middle School.  Lucy, Bubby and I went into the building to get some photos I had printed the day before.  There are a  few interesting challenges presented by my new classroom in a nearby building.  One is that anything printed in color has to be printed to the main building.  After I found a custodian to unlock the room that holds the printer I grabbed my photos.  I hugged Lucy and wished her a great day.
  • 7:40 – Mem and I parked at our building.  Of course, it was raining.  So much for fixing my hair!  My hands were very full and he was walking a little slow.  To keep from getting any wetter than necessary I challenged him to a little race.  It was fun running and laughing in the rain with him.  I love that he goes to school in my building!
  • 7:50 – After I put my things away I found some almonds for breakfast and opened a bottle of Coke.  Busted, I had share a drink with Memmy.  He drew me a picture as he does every morning. 
  • 8:00 – I delivered Memmy to his morning classroom and began my work day.  It was a busy day – cutting, singing, playing, thinking, wishing away the rain.  As I was waiting for the newspaper people to stop in I was hoping an untrained eye would see past the chaos and find all the learning happening in my little students.
  • 10:00 – The woman from the newspaper stopped in, thankfully without the camera person. 
  • 11:30 – Lunch time!  These few minutes in conversation with my coworkers are almost more nourishing than the food. 
  • 12:00 – I found Memmy to hug him as he goes to his afternoon class.  I began my afternoon class – 2 poopy diapers, a call to the nurse, more cutting, writing, singing, dancing, lots of learning, again wishing away the rain.
  • 3:20 – Send off the afternoon class.  I hugged Mem and asked him about his day.  He drew me a few more pictures while I waited for Lucy and Bubby.  First come Lucy.  Then comes Bub.  I have fantastic friends that help transport everyone!
  • 3:30 – We loaded up and went across the street to the main building.  I promised each kid ONE book from the Book Fair.  I used my teacher certificate to get 2 for my classroom.  I spent $20 at Book Fair for only 3 books.  How did it cost that much?
  • 4:00 – We were off to my appointment at the chiropractor.  We did have to wait a while.  The kids were really good.  Memmy said he had to go poop (and said it quietly – amazing).  Bubby was kind enough to go with him.  They all spent most of the wait time reading their new books.  By then that $20 was feeling very well spent! 
  • 4:40 – We left for home.  Memmy fell asleep in the car.  I carried him into his bedroom.  It took everything I had not to lay down right next to him and go to sleep myself!
  • 5:00 – I hugged Pat, checked my email, emptied the lunch boxes, cleaned out Memmy’s backpack and helped Lucy clean out her backpack.  I helped Lucy with her homework.  I went outside to watch her turn some backhandsprings on the trampoline.  She is so proud that she can now do them without someone close by.  I am proud of her too!  I helped Lucy pack her bag for cheerleading gym.  I Helped Bubby with his homework. 
  • 5:45 – Papa Bear left for church. I carried a sleeping Memmy to the car so we could go to church. He woke up a little as we got out of the car.  I carried him into church.  Thankfully our church offers a Thursday alternative to the Sunday service.  Before Thursday church you can buy dollar slices of pizza and dollar salad bowls.  Since Papa and Bubby were already there they had drinks waiting for us.  Still carrying sleepy Memmy I made my way to a chair to eat some salad and a slice of pizza.  It was good to sit for a few minutes.  It was about the time for church to start before Memmy made it off my lap.  He did manage to eat a slice of pizza.
  • 6:30 – I dropped Lucy at her class.  I tried to drop Mem with no success.  There were quite a few kids and only one teacher so I hated to have her peel him off me.  I waited until the preschoolers went in to join the older kids for some music before I counted down and passed him off.  As I walked away I could hear the tears!
  • 6:50 – I slid into church.  I missed the obnoxious part where you have to shake hands with people you don’t know.  Woo-Hoo!  The service was so refreshing.  It was uplifting to enjoy the music.  The sermon was very good.
  • 7:25 –  I slid out of church a little early to take Lucy to cheer gym.  As she changed she filled me in on her lesson.  We managed to slip past the door to Memmy’s class unseen. 
  • 7:40 – We arrived a little late to cheerleading.  It was great to chat with all the other moms.  It was nice to sit still.  It was even better to watch Lucy show off her new confidence with tumbling.  Her coach was almost as proud as me!  I did have to write a pretty big check for cheerleading this month.  Bummer.  I guess it’ll be PB&J for the next few weeks at our house!
  • 8:40 – We left cheer gym and headed for home.  I called Papa to tell him we were on our way only to learn that he stayed at church.  I was a little frustrated that Memmy was not in bed.  But I was also glad that meant I’d still get to hug him good night. 
  • 8:45 – Lucy and I got home.  The boys weren’t far behind.  I got everyone’s teeth clean, jammies on, and clothes out for tomorrow. 
  • 9:10 – I read while waiting for Mem to fall asleep.  He could not get to sleep. 
  • 10:15 – I thought he was close so I slipped off to my bed.  I was wrong.  Just as I was comfortable I heard him crying.  Thankfully Papa Bear went to get him and put him in bed with us.  (Love him still.)  Finally I fell asleep next to little man sharing my pillow, hearing Lucy snore on the monitor, loving these people in my house, and thankful tomorrow is Friday.

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