Listography: Movies

OK, so the next Listography my friend Brooke posted is “list your favorite films.”  Not an easy one for me.  I’m not a movie-goer.  I don’t sit still that well.  This is always a frustration for Papa Bear who wants me to sit and watch certain shows with him on TV.  I never sit through a whole show.  I get that from my grandpa – he drove my grandma as nuts I do PB. 

It always seems like way too much money for what you get.  Plus, it’s such a committment:  spend too much money and sit still for the chance of a good movie.  yeah? no.

The last movie I saw was Monsters v. Aliens.  Which was wonderful!  But it was wonderful because of my company, not necessarily the movie.

That said, here are few favorites…

  • The Sound of Music – I could watch it every week.  I went to Austria and loved the cheesy tour!
  • What Lies Beneath – the first scary movie I saw with PB.  I love a good suspenseful movie with a “keep ya thinkin'” plot.
  • Fools Rush In – a great date with PB.
  • The Thornbirds – I spent an entire weekend watching this mini series in its entirety.  I  makes me think of the carefree priorities of college and dreams of romance to come.
  • Beauty and the Beast – I am still waiting to be Belle.
  • Driving Miss Daisy and The Bucket List – I love Morgan Freeman.
  • Stand and Deliver – I am a teacher.
  • With Mem I like to watch Cars.
  • With Dissy I actually have fun with High School Musical 1, 2 and 3.
  • Recently I really enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia.

I’m sure there are others that I’ve enjoyed more (A Chorus Line just came to mind.) but I haven’t given movies much thought since they are so not my thing…


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