Listography: Places You’ve Lived

Listography is the result of book my friend Brooke bought.  I am having lots of fun with it.  The next list is places you’ve lived.

  • I was born in the small town where my parents grew up. 
  • Mom and I lived there until we moved to Phoenix, Arizona. 
  • We then moved to an even smaller town where my brother was born. 
  • Then we moved to what we thought was a city when in reality it was another small town. 
  • We moved outside that small town to be in the rural area of an even smaller town. 
  • I lived there until I went to college.  In college I lived in the dorms, then back home, then to an apartment where our second Christmas resulted in “The Leaning Tree on Lisa.”  I sure wish I had a photo of that tree!  Then we moved to “The Red Doors” where lots of college students and poor folk lived. 
  • I moved out of The Red Doors when I went to student teach in Swansea, Wales.  I loved Wales!   I felt so at home there – so many miles from it. 
  • I returned to my childhood home to begin my first job and my family. 
  • Bubby and I moved to a small island in the Northwest with my parents for a bit.  Then Papa Bear asked us to be a family. 
  • When Papa and I were married we rented a house back in the town where I grew up. 
  • A few years later we moved right down the street where we still live today.  It’s a great old house where I hope to grow into a great old lady.  (Though my dream does include a summer home in Wales!)

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