Listology – Closest Friends

It’s time for another listology.  I like the way these lists make you think.  My closest friends…

My first best friend is obviously my mother.  She has been my best friend all my life.  She is the one who knows me inside and out.  I am so fortunate to be best friends with my mom.  She rocks!

The best friends that I miss the most are my grandparents.  Neither of my grandma’s could cook – but they are the first people I remember hearing cuss.  They were very strong women who have gifted me with a confidence in my “womanhood” that would hate to live without.  My grandparents were real people.  My Grandpa Bob loved chocolate.  I remember him as very, very smart.  He continues to be the smartest man I have ever known.  My Grandma Peggy loved life – she ate good food, listened to good music, shopped for good deals, played to win, and hugged hard.  My Mamaw Dene was tough.  She played a mean hand of “Spite and Malice,” had soda in the refrigerator, and smoked.  Both my grandmas quilted beautiful quilts that keep me warm inside and out.

My aunts and uncles are my closest friends.  I know without a doubt that if I need anything – they’ve got it (except for maybe money…)  I know that if someone hurts me, they’ve got my back and when I screw up, they’ll call me on it! 

As I’ve grown I’ve made more friends.  Some have come and gone.  The steadfast girlfriend is Beth.  I could have added her to the family as she is the sister I never had.  Our friendship is a post all on its own…

Of course, Papa Bear loves me like I have never been loved before (or could be again).  No one else could live with me this long and still love me!  Again, another post…

My latest and greatest best friends are my children.  I love hanging out with them.  I love shopping with Sissy.  I love drawing with Memmy.  I love laughing with Tiggy and Bubby.  I love listening to them talk.  I love solving the world’s problems with them.


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