The Labor Begins Again

OK – so school started.  I have lived and breathed school for the last month.  Labor Day was a welcome break!  I “labored” over my home and set my mom-psyche back in order.  I have felt like the last month has simply been coming up for an occasional quick breath – I can’t even say that I’ve held my head above water! 

That said, this weekend was awesome!  We did not have any sports responsibilities.  (Again, it always surprises me that such an unAtheletic woman could create such sporty kids.)  We didn’t have family plans.  We had nothing!  Saturday was a slow day – a day of rest that I had needed for a long time.  I slept in.  I never put on make up or got dressed in people friendly clothes.  Awesome.

Sunday was another day to sleep in a little, get revived at church, and come home for a quick lunch.  Papa dropped a card between the cabinets and in true man fashion began to take everything out of the cabinets to prepare to unbolt and move the cabinets and get the card….  Hmmmm… in true woman fashion I berated him for that silly idea, called my mom to see what was actually in the card.  No answer from mom.  Papa was frustrated.  I was frustrated.  Finally in exasperation we tried one more time to push it up through the crack – working together we found success!  Oh Happy Day!  Luckily the lesson was not lost on us.  We dove into the task of returning the mess to the kitchen cabinets. 

We threw away trash bag after trash bag of junk from our kitchen.  We went from cabinet to cabinet to drawer to drawer and then the pantry for shelf after shelf!  WOW.  We cleaned it all – together.  What could have been a long and boring task turned out to be great couple time – who knew!?!  We moved on to the boys’ bathroom and Bubby’s bedroom and pitched more and more trash!  It felt so good to remove that clutter.

On Monday we tackled the worst room of all – Memmy and Lucy’s room…It was a bit hellish, but after more teamwork it is finished!  We did break for a fabulous grilled lunch and many loads of laundry.

All and all I feel more myself.  Just decluttering the house has decluttered my spirit.  I feel like an adequate wife and mother again.  I am back to it!  I am happy that I feel like blogging again.  And the race is on…


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