Listology – Pets

So July isn’t a big blogging month for me… I’ve been a little overwhelmed and unmotivated lately so I haven’t blogged.  Don’t think we haven’t been busy or that I haven’t been thinking.  That is constant! 

I have a friend who has just inspired me to get back at it.  She explains Listology very well, so go there and read it.  Here’s my first list (though it makes me a little sad).

The Pets I’ve Had – There are very, very many so I’ll hit the high points.

I had a white German Shepherd named Coke.  I named him Coke because the tips of his ears (and maybe his tail) were fizz colored, like someone had dipped him in Coca-Cola.

I had Emily, the black minature poodle that I remember going to pick out.  I loved Emily with all my heart and soul.  She was a great dog.

I had a white cat (named Cleo, I think) that we had to leave behind when we moved after first grade because we couldn’t take her and her kittens with us.  I worried about her for a long time.

We had a beagle named Patches that ran away a lot.

My brother and I picked out kittens from a newspaper ad – Tiger and Wise Eyes.

We moved again after second grade and had Belle.  My stepfather loved her tons.  She had a cool bark.

I had tons of barn cats that I befriended…Muffin was the matriarch.  Then came Greyie, Miss Kitty, Tigger, and lots of other silly named cats.

We had Matty and Katie, and Whitney and Ginger and so many more cats than I can remember.

I had Sam, the awesomely perfect yellow manx cat that tolerated all kinds of clothing changes, gymnastics stunts, and photo shoots.  I loved him lots.

I had an Angora rabbit named Tony that tolerated his share too.

I had a hamster named Sebastian, but then became Sabrina when she gave birth.

We had Buster the Survivor Beagle.  She was a great dog!

We had Pirate the pup who we were never quite sure about.

In high school I called the vet and they told me about Major.  Major was the first pet that was mine – all mine.  I poured over a baby name book to name him Major and picked it because he was very small since he had been rescued.  Turns out, he really grew into his name!  I had Major all through high school and college.  (We even lived in a few places he wasn’t supposed to.)  He was really my first son.  After Bubby was born and it was just me and him, Major helped me parent.  Who needed a baby monitor when Major would come meowing into the kitchen if I didn’t go get Bub from his crib the minute he cried?  Major and Bub and I moved across the country together.  It was a four day car trip full of stress that tolerated well in his old age.  The first night in our new home was his last and I have never stopped being sad.  I never thought you miss a cat that much!

For a little bit in college I had Daisy, the orange cat that found me. She hung out with us for about a year.   Then one day she left.  She was a little free spirit of a cat.

After Major died I decided that was it for pets.

Then my mom bought Bub a hamster.  We had Stitch for a few years until he got old and sick.  We even took him to the only vet in town that sees hamsters.  We stayed up with him, feeding him baby food applesauce from a dropper, but he didn’t make it through the night.  After a sweet backyard service and tears all around I was, once again, done with pets.

Years later, Bubby finally begged enough that Papa Bear bought him Hershey for Christmas.  Hershey is our three and a half year old chocolate lab that is well loved and overly hairy. 

When Bub got Hershey, he was eight years old.  I said then (thinking the future so far off) when Lucy begged for a pet that she could get a pet when she was eight.  Well, eight came and went and she remembered.  This spring a friend needed homes for kittens.  After much soul-searching (and a little baby fever) I caved, and let Lucy get Sparkle…and Memmy get Lightning.  That’s a pet per kid.  We’re really done!

Unless I can somehow talk Papa into one more baby…


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