Memmy has some great phrases.  Tonight Lucy wanted to sleep in his bed with him in hopes that the kittens would also join.  I said, “No.  You’ll never go to sleep.”  Mem piped up with “Well, it suhpends with me.  It’s my bed so it suhpends with me and I say ‘yes’ because it suhpends with me.”  He really said “suhpends” over and over! 

One of my other favorites: “Beeginst”  Everytime Bubby is playing baseball he asks me “Who is he beeginst?”  or “Is he beeginst that blue team.  We don’t like them.”  (All the good teams are red at our house.)


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  1. suhpends. I like it.
    Eva was flying off the handle about something the other day and Eli said, “Wow, she’s madderated. I get madderated sometimes.”

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