Life is Good!

June is busy already! Here’s a run down of what’s been happening.

Friday, May 29:  This was the first day that I did not go to school!  Woo-Hoo!  It was a wonderful uneventful day with 2 dentist appointments (one clear – one has to return) and one trip to the cheer gym and one baseball game.  None of those things happened at the same time so it was an easy day!  That afternoon Mem and I took a nap together.  Life is Good!

Saturday, May 30:  Another easy day.  Bubby had baseball at noon.  Another afternoon nap.  House started to look closer to clean.

Sunday, May 31:  Church in the morning.  When I said that we needed to go bed Saturday night to get rested for church the next day, Mem asked incredulously, “We  have summer church?”  Only a teacher’s kid would think that everything operates on a different schedule in the summer.  That evening we had family photos made at a park.  The kids had a blast searching for tadpoles in the creek.  I am working to make those photos into cards to send out since I never sent Christmas cards….summer is on 165

Monday, June 1:  Summer really started!  We slept late, had breakfast and lunch within a short time of each other and headed off to cheer gym.  After gym I worked in the backyard while the kids played in the sprinkler.  We even made a backyard waterslide!   The neighbor kids came over and a summer afternoon party was born!  Life is Good!

On Tuesday I got the chance to go to the theatre with a girlfriend.  It was fun to dress up and feel grown up.  A horrible crash added about 45 minutes to an already long drive so we didn’t get the chance to sit down to dinner, but we did get more time to chat.  The trade was fine with me.  I love to talk!  The show was awesome.  I have got to go get a CD!  As I left that afternoon I reflected how blessed we are to have a great sitter.  The young woman who keeps an eye on my little ones when I can’t is a dream come true.  The kids were happy to shoo me out the door the minute K arrived!

The rest of that week was pretty low key.  We played outside, took naps almost every day, visited our favorite girly boutique, watched a baseball game and practiced cheerleading.  The laundry is close to caught up.  The dishwasher got run every day and the floor has actually been swept.  Life is good!

Satuday, June 6:  A fansummer is on 166tastic day!  We slept in a little then got ready for a party in the park.  A high school friend of mine was passing through our area on a trip from one coast to the other.  She arranged a get together in the park.  It was great to visit with old friends and get to spend some time watching everyone’s children play.  I could have watched all those kids play all day!  It was a study in genetics waiting to happen.  I love seeing the people I was once young with parenting.  It’s cool.  As the party ran down we decided on the spur of the moment to go to the movies with my friend B.  I had made a little promise to myself to do at least one thing a week this summer that I am always telling the kids we don’t have time for during the school year.

I don’t mean really expensive things.  Just little things that I am always putting off.  During the school year I don’t usually get home before 5:00.  Then its a race to eat and get to whatever evening activity one of the kids invariably has.  We crash in our beds only to get up and start all over again.  It seems like the weekends have to be spent doing laundry and keeping up that we don’t have much time for the fun stuff during the school year.  So, I was happy to say “Sure!” to the movie idea.  We watched UP which was cute.  All three kids liked it!  I shed a few tears and laughed some too.  As I gathered up all the stuff to leave the theatre, Mem got his foot stuck in the chair.  The way he screamed and the way he fell into the chair was super scary.  It was immediately purple and he would not stop screaming.  We got some ice from the slow moving teenager behind the counter and carried him to the car.  My gut told me it was going to be okay, but he just kept crying.  Lucky for me my sister-in-law is great for giving a second opinion on the “Is it worth a trip summer is on 189to the ER?” question.  (Why do these things always happen on the weekend?)  I called her and learned that Papa’s family was all over at his brother’s house having a swim.  We took Mem by so Aunt A could check him out and ended up staying!  Lucy and Memmy had fun swimming in their clothes.  The water was cold so I was thankful to not have a suit.  Thank Goodness the World’s Best Uncle, Uncle G, was there to catch Mem the 422 times he jumped from the side of the pool.  (The leg was fine.)  After the swim we all pitched in for pizza.  As I prayed that night I couldn’t stop thanking God for the people in our lives.  We are truly blessed with good friends and an loving family.  Again, Life is Good.

Yesterday was church, baseball and a trip to school to get some things ready for summer school.

Today it was back to work.  I love doing extended school year.  It is all the things I love about teaching and none of the hard things.  I came home to a late lunch that Papa had already cooked and glittery creations by Lucy.  I was just in time to join Mem for an afternoon nap.  We woke up in time to play a bit before Bubby baseball game.  Though the lightning sent us home we were there long enough for a pretzel with cheese and a chance to see Bubby hit the ball to the grass, steal a few bases and score a run!  Life is Good!


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