Sparkle and Lightning

Introducing the newest members of our family…summer is on 197

Just before Christmas of 2005 we added Hershey to our family.  He was a officially a gift to Bubby.  Lucy really wanted a pet of her own. 

I rattled off, “When you’re 8 you can have a pet.” 

She didn’t forget.

Sparkle and Lucy

Sparkle and Lucy

Notice there are two cats in the first photo….The story goes like this…

A friend of mine found kittens in her window well.  She kept an eye on them for a bit.  Then Mama cat left and did not return.  And did not return.  She brought the five kittens into her home and began to feed them special kitten formula with an eye dropper.  She invited my kids to come by and help her feed them.  Seemed harmless so off we went.

Now, I may have mentioned that I would love to have another child, but my husband does not.  I held those kittens and thought, “What’s one more in our household?”  Plus, Lucy had been asking for a pet for months since 8 years old came and went without the promised pet.

So, we went back to feed them again later that week and I told her she could have one.  A few days later the little kittens were eating mainly solid food.  We went by to pick one out and have a trial run at our house with Hershey.  As my friend sweetly offered to pack up all five kittens (Lucy was having a hard time deciding on a favorite) and send them home with us for a bit, I panicked.  Super Mom that I am I couldn’t imagine keeping 1 huge dog, 5 kittens, 2 children and myself safe very long.  I saved with, “Let’s just take these two and she can choose from them.” 

Lightning and Memmy

Lightning and Memmy

Needless to say those little cats came to our house to stay.  We made a quick trip to Walmart for a few necessities and the kids have loved and loved them since.

That should be it for us – 3 kids at home and 3 pets!

Lucy has had lots of fun taking photos of the kittens.  Here are some of her favorites.

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  1. Funny story: Sparkle is a boy!

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