Overheard this Evening

Here are a few things that have been said at our house tonight.  I’ll let you decide speaker and “speakee”…

  • Spit.  The ultimate cleaner.
  • PUT. THAT. CAT. DOWN! (8 times and counting)
  • If you’re going to dance in front of the door you need to put on a shirt.
  • Quit dancing in front of the window…naked! (about 40 minutes later)
  • I’m a street fighter but I won’t kill you all the way to death.


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2 responses to “Overheard this Evening

  1. 1. Lucy
    2. You
    3. You
    4. You
    5. Memmy

  2. I will say that the last one is obviously Mem to Papa. The first was me regarding getting something off the laptop screen. The cat one was Papa to Mem – He sure loves those cats with all he has! The first dancing one was me and the second was Papa. I don’t think she ever got dressed, but she did at least move her dance away from the front (windowed) door!

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