School’s Out…Sort of

The kids are out of school!  They finished up on Wednesday.  I finished up my “mandatory” time on Thursday.  It took everything I had not to stop by my classroom yesterday.  I fought the urge again today, but plan to go on Monday.  I start my summer session a week from Monday. 

I love summer.  While I laugh at people who think that’s the greatest thing about teaching and scoff at those who say they’d love to be “off” in the summer time, I have to say it is nice to slow down for summer.  For summer I try to only go to work 4 days a week and usually only half days.  I’ll take a week or two in July and a week in August and not step in the building.  (Well, that is the plan for now.) 

We are excited about trips to the zoo, baseball games, swimming, staying up late, naps in the afternoon, catching lightning bugs (I just saw one on the porch.) flip flops, and visits from Emal.  I am excited about caught up laundry, clean closets, boutique shopping, lunch with the girls and evenings on the porch.

Welcome, summer!


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