The Class of 2009

Introducing our favorite member of the graduating class of 2009…graduation and more 089

Our oldest Graduated Thursday!  Without much advance notice (more on that later) we gathered together to watch Tiggy cross the stage, move his tassel, throw his cap in the air and pose for tons of photos. 

graduation and more 113

It is hard to believe this man, who seemed so small when Papa and I were first married has graduated high school.  It seems like so long ago and at the same time just yesterday that he was learning to ride his bike in the parking lot of our old apartment building.  Where did the time go the last 10 years?  He is so much taller, so much stronger, so much bigger

graduation and more 026

In the last 10 years he has learned to cook his own lunch and wash his own clothes.  He took Driver’s Education.  He mows the grass.  He works for other people and works so hard they beg him to come in on days off.  (Of course, in true teen-age fashion, he declines.)  This young man who used to watch Sponge Bob now prefers Sports Center.  He used to love Snoopy tee-shirts but now sports mostly Cardinals or Cowboys. 

graduation and more 116

Yes, he has certainly grown.  Luckily he still likes eating out, big Cokes, Burger King, hot dogs and cheese, baseball, wrestling, shooting baskets, and his Dad. 

graduation and more 108

I have watched him become a big brother 3 times over.  I practically burst with pride as he enveloped his brothers and sister in a big ole black robed hug!

After the ceremony we went for ice cream.  We stopped at a nearby park where Memmy and Bubby and Tiggy each took a turn to pee on the tree.  I am worried this may become a graduation tradition…

graduation and more 122

We also celebrated with ice cream.  I am hoping this does become a graduation tradition!  Tiggy enjoyed his Big Coke with proud smiles all around that couldn’t be any bigger!  Congratulations, Tiggy!

graduation and more 130



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3 responses to “The Class of 2009

  1. Amy, dear, I’m moved to tears at the pics of your beautiful family and the joyous day (my fave is the unposed one, it shows all of your vibrant personalities!). I, too, remember the first family photo you sent to me when it was just Tiggy and Bubby. Seems like just yesterday, how do they grow so fast? (The tears are from the peeing on the tree pic…hilarious!)

  2. Of course the peeing was hilarious! We stopped because Mem had to pee, then Bub decided to add his mark to the tree. (I decided not to post a photo of an 11 year old “whizzing.”) Then, not to be left out, even Tig took a turn at the tree! (And, no, I did not even take a photo of him aiming at the tree. We all had turn our heads as he didn’t quite get the concept of using the tree as a shield. Thank God for darkness!)

  3. Oh, so funny! I do love the pics on this post – congrats to you all!

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