I forgot the dailys

So I was looking at my site and noticed the categories.  What in the world are “Dailys” thinks me!  I went back and read that one.  Hmmm…good intentions….the story of my life!

Here are some dailys for today:

Papa loves his facebook farm and is making lots of “money”

Tiggy had Baccalaureate tonight and was the first in his row!  Talk about stress for his parents in the seats.  We must have sent the right telepathic messages (or worried for nothing) because he did fabulous.  Man, he looks old! 🙂

Bubby finished Book 5 of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians saga – The Last Olympian.  I am excited to start it myself.

Lucy did countless toe touches and roundoffs.  She and Mem and Bub hung out at Aunt A’s while Papa and I watched Tig.  Lucy had fun playing with the kids next door and making fruit ka-bobs for her Luau tomorrow at school.

Memmy got hit in the jaw with a bat, but handled it like a pro.  He only changed clothes once today – to look like a sports guy.  He loves the tiny stuffed squirrel he got at N’s birthday carnival.  He named the squirrel Chickypoo.

Me – I skipped the treadmill, enjoyed the chai, bought a cute (and cheap) brown dress to wear tonight and for family pictures the end of the month.  I am exhausted just thinking about the next 10 days and how busy they will be!

One more thing – I just spell checked and noticed that I spelled Baccalaureate correctly!  Go me!


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