I am sitting here with my cup of chai

I just got off the treadmill

I’ve read a few posts

And I’m wondering…”What to blog about today?”

Usually when this “blogger’s block” happens I look back through a few photos and am immediately inspired.  I could think back over the day and remember the things for which I am grateful.  I could sit and come up with something “insteristing” as Memmy would say.  (He commented tonight how he has really liked that word insteristing lately.)

As it is, I’m just grateful that nothing is terribly insteristing around here.  Sure, there is plenty going on…birthday parties, graduations, end of the school year celebrations, job changes, more puke , ball games, flying, not sleeping and the list goes on.

But, what is nice… is what isn’t going on…no sickness, no job loss, nothing we want or need so badly that we can’t sleep at night.  I am grateful for this little family blog that isn’t about children in need or a family in crisis. 

So tonight’s prayer is for all of those children in need and all of those families in crisis and also for this little family with nothing insteristing to report.


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