My Cup of Tea

I am becoming my Mom more and more everyday.  Lucky for me I have a wonderful Mamma.  My mom loves hot tea, iced tea, lemony tea and even sweet tea once in a while.  I have taken this little bit of my Mamma and given it my own spin.

I have a new obsession with chai tea.  I realize I am so behind the times – I’m not a coffee drinker unless the coffee tastes more like candy than coffee.  Recently a friend of mine took me to get some Starbuck’s.  Since the experience was a bit of a treat I took a risk and ordered chai – and smiled as the coffee girl corrected my pronunciation. 

I’m hooked!  I loved it!  I have splurged twice since – once on a windy day after a long conference for work (My tired brain deserved it.) and once after the first time I walked 3 miles (My tired body deserved it.).  It is so sweet and spicy and reminds me of my trip to Wales.  Drinking this sweet spicy tea makes me feel spoiled and cosmopolitan and educated and cool.  That tells you what great tea it is – those are not feelings I have at the same time very often!

Well, here’s the beautiful thing:  Memmy handed me a beautifully painted tea pot shaped Mother’s Day card last week.  Inside was a tea bag – for chai!  My “Mmmmm!” was followed by his proud “Mom, I smelled this one and I knew you would love it.  It smells so yummy.”

I have put him off a few times to save it until today so we could have a little tea party together.  I managed to make the tea bag create 4 small cups of sweet and spicy chai tea.  We all loved it! 

Mother’s Day this year was very low key.  We hung close together.  We didn’t get in the car once.  We ate easy food like canned soup and cereal and toast and  Bagel Bites.  We had tea together.  Apart from finishing up some laundry I just did the mom jobs that I love today.  I watched Bub shoot baskets.  I helped Memmy make Kool-aid.  I arranged flowers with Lucy.  I even hung out with Hershey a little bit.  I helped Lucy and Memmy take care of our newest babies – Lightning and Sparkle (though I think Sparkle is subject to change).

All the great stuff about Mothering was my focus today.  I love this day.  I love being a Mom.  I love that it reminds me to appreciate all the hard work my own Mother continues to do for me.  I love that this day allows me to slow down and think of all the moms in the world I admire and some that I miss.  This day reminds me that Motherhood is my special cup of tea.



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3 responses to “My Cup of Tea

  1. Pam

    I agree – chai tea is my favorite too. By the way – there are NO calories in it either (wink wink) I never thought about it being like Wales – maybe that’s why I love it so much?!

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  3. Bob

    I felt the same way the first time I had it…like I was so cool for liking it. I’m glad I could help introduce you. Just 10 months or so before I can be a little caffeinated again and have some with you! 🙂
    Happy belated Mother’s Day.

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