Cheering Her On

Lucy has tried out for All Star Cheerleading.  She loves it!


For her, there is no question.  It is just fun

For me there are so many questions?  Is it too much money?  Is it too much time?  Am I pushing her or challenging her?  Finding that balance for my children is a constant struggle for me.  I am certainly more comfortable with lots of scheduled events.  I like having places to go and people to see.  I like having down time when it is scheduled!

As an educator I know that children are pushed in so many ways to grow up before their brains and bodies are ready.  In my classroom (and especially among my colleagues) I work hard to protect childhood.  At school, we play like children with childish things!


But at home it is so easy to get sucked in…Sucked into the “busyness” of it all that gives me such a rush.  Sucked into spending money on those “needs” like new hair bows and new tennis shoes and new practice outfits.  Sucked into keeping up with all the other “Cheer Moms.” 

Sucked into comparing instead of encouraging.  I think Lucy is a great tumbler.  I love watching her flip around on the gym floor.  When I tell her how proud I am, face beaming, I mean it.  But what if she isn’t as fantastic as I think she is?  What if I start comparing her to others rather than celebrate her strides?  Her personal accomplishments?

My hope is that by simply being aware of these “traps” I will avoid most of them.  I tell new mothers all the time, “If you are worried about being a good mother, then that is the first step to being a good mother!”


So we are having fun and I am checking myself as often as I can.  But I am having a really great time watching Lucy and cheering her on!


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