Date Night


I had a date last night!  Tiggy, Bubby, and Lucy all had plans for the night.  Papa was at work.  That left Mem and me.  With only two of us, I decided we could afford to go to the movies!  We decided to see this movie.


One step into the theatre made it clear to me that I would need a jacket.  On the way back to the car Mem hit the concrete and skinned up his knee and elbow pretty badly.  After a trip to the bathroom to clean up, we were off for popcorn and soda.  Memmy picked Dr. Pepper which really made me happy.  I LOVE Dr. Pepper!  Amazingly we were a little early to the movie so we weren’t rushed at all.  (This NEVER happens for me.)  It was fun to hang out and chat together for a few minutes before the movie.  A few minutes in, it was a little scary.  I happily offered my lap. 

We sat together comfortably for most of the movie.  Mem did say he had to go to the bathroom.  I put him off.  He asked again.  On the way to the bathroom I was encouraging him to hurry.  He answered, “I am Mom!  I have to pee badder than a flower needs rain!”

After the movie, Memmy gave it two thumbs up!


We went home for a quick supper of Apple Jacks and early bedtime.  Date Night was a Great Night!



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2 responses to “Date Night

  1. Brooke

    I am laughing out loud (literally) about the flower needing rain.

  2. I’m laughing at all the faces he can make…and wondering how he came up with that phrase!

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