Some Needed Gratefuls

I’ve been a little bummed out lately.  I haven’t found much joy in writing.  I need to remember my blessings!  Rather than wallow, I’ll list some gratefuls (with no particular order or theme).

  • My kids are healthy enough to play sports.
  • I have the money (sort of) to pay for them to play sports.
  • I have a vehicle that I love.
  • My red shoes.
  • It’s flip flop season.
  • I have a job that allows me to check on my children during the day.
  • Papa Bear is on vacation this week – the very week Mem has strep.
  • My friend Brooke introduced me to Chai Tea, which is fabulous.
  • It’s Cardinal Baseball Season!
  • I am going to bed early tonight.
  • I have clean hair.
  • I like the floors in my living room and dining room.
  • The peonies have little buds on them.
  • God is good and holds me in his hands.

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One response to “Some Needed Gratefuls

  1. Oh how I love flip flop season. I just got my toes done and it feels great to ditch the socks!

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