The kids dyed eggs this weekend as did so many children around the country.  It struck me how three children (four with our friend K over) with the same eggs, same cups of dye, same kitchen could create such different collections of creations.

Thanks to the kindness of my BFF we had a dozen eggs for each kid to decorate and a few left over for us moms.  We enjoyed some home made pizza, some movie, some silliness and lots of eggs.


Memmy was the first one “done” with his eggs.  You’ll notice the disproportionate number of green eggs in his collection.  Green is Mem’s way favorite color!  I did provide the kids with crayons to write on the eggs before dyeing them.  Mem wrote on zero eggs.  He is just now, beginning, to sort of, enjoy writing and coloring, sometimes.  After lots of green eggs and few others, his eggs were dyed, but he wasn’t finished.  After hitting up Lucy, Bub, K and Beth and me for more eggs, he came up empty.  Not to be discouraged, he went for double dipping. 


I wish you could see his “Hulk” fingers on his left hand.  Luckily by Easter Sunday you could only see a little green around the tips.  After a few more eggs edged a little closer to brownish grey he was ready to move on to new and exciting activities.

About this same time Bubby was finishing up his eggs.

preeaster-206Being so eleven he didn’t want to over work his eggs, but obviously enjoyed himself.  He certainly wasn’t going to be talked into sharing – by Memmy or me.  He did write a little, even drew a bunny, and branched out on the colors just a bit.


Every one of Lucy’s eggs had a drawing – some bunnies and flowers, of course.  I was proud of the one with the cross.  Some of what Easter is really all about has sunk in.  This was definitely one of my favorite eggs.


She worked hard for a long time.  She had a plan for each egg.  She messed with each one until it was as beautiful as she knew it could be.  She completely enjoyed the whole egg dyeing experience.  She was the last one finished her collection of eggs-tra beautiful creations.  I love you too, Sissy!

Our friend K rounded out the beauty of the evening.


It was a very good Good Friday with some good times and good friends.


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