one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater

Recently I was surprised to see my son like this.


Normally he looks pretty much in pain at a music concert.  At every concert since about second grade his expression doesn’t change from this.


You would think that it is killing him!  Throughout the programs different kids can volunteer for parts – speaking, singing, dancing, instruments, etc.  Bub hasn’t volunteered since kindergarten!  I am guessing the first time he just didn’t know how much he would hate it!

So, now you share my surprise at the first photo.  He volunteered to be The Purple People Eater.  He stayed after school to make the costume in art.   I was so proud.

I love art – all of it.  I love literature, theatre, music, visual arts – all of it!  I am not terribly talented in any way, but I love appreciating the arts.  It has broken my heart many times that Bubby doesn’t like music class or art class.  (Thank you, God, that he likes to read good literature.)  I was thrilled that he voluteered to be The Purple People Eater.

Thanks, Bub.  You make me proud.  You make my heart happy.



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