A party in a box

february-069My mom is a great long distance grandma.  The kids get the best packages!  This is a lifelong gift of my mother.  When I went to Girl Scout camp I always had mail on the first day – always.  I always got the best packages.  I still can’t wait for my birthday every year to see what will arrive in the mail. 

This was Lucy’s birthday box this year.  It was truly a party in a box!  I had a friend say, “She was only thinking of [Lucy] when she sent that package!”  It’s true.  Mom sent exactly what made my daughter happy!


Here is just one of the creations Lucy and I have worked on together.  She got a bedazzler and tee-shirts and iron on transfers.  She even sent a hat to bedazzle, but we haven’t gotten that far yet.  This kind of thing is Heaven on Earth for Lucy – blingy, crafty, cheap, flashy, artsy, she loves it all!  I’m not sure there was anything left in the bedazzle aisle at Micheal’s after Mom left!  Lucy wore this shirt with some jeans we bedazzled too!

march-165This was the other highlight of the box.  Lucy begged every day for the chance to get crackin’ on this birdhouse.  The first warm enough days were so windy that she couldn’t have painted without picking out the blown leaf bits and dirt from her paint.  Finally it was pretty enough for her to get out and get busy!  She LOVES to paint.  I think I started it all with a painting she made with her feet at about 2 months old.  She was just starting to pick up her feet and move them around so I stood her over a piece of paper, poured on some paint and let her at it.  If only I had known what I was starting!  She had tons of fun decorating this birdhouse.  She has a few more finishing touches before I can post the final shot.

It is really cool that Mom, even from far away, can make Lucy so happy and know her so well!

I can’t wait to be a grandma so I can get my grand children permanent paints and stabbing jewels and all kinds of mom-intensive projects!  Watch out guys!


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  1. Oh, Amy I am laughing so hard at you! You are such a therapist/teacher/mom/artist/genius to be letting your 2 mo old paint with her feet!!! I can SO imagine you doing that!

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