Bedtime Gratefuls

  1. I love kissing the tops of the kids’ heads and inhaling the scent of their hair – especially when it’s clean.
  2. Sometimes, when I am really tired or busy, or watching Brothers and Sisters, Lucy will read books to Memmy.  I love listening to her read.
  3. As long as I scratch Bubby’s back and head, he’ll talk to me about anything (for as long as I can keep scratching).
  4. Lucy still likes to cuddle up with my “puff.”
  5. Tiggy pretends to ignore me when I tell him I love him at night, but he always rolls over as soon as I am finished speaking – so I know he knows I think he’s cool.
  6. No matter how long he’s been asleep, every time I lean down to kiss Memmy good night, his arm is immediately wrapped around my neck.  He is the huggiest kid!  He even hugs in his sleep.
  7. Hershey, “The Great Protector,” lays right against the kids’ bedroom door, just to be sure.
  8. Papa gets everyone cups of water at night and has a few words with each kid.  I love listening to him talk with them and tell them he loves them.
  9. Sometimes when I’m too lazy or too comfortable to read a book, we just make up stories together.  Great stories.
  10. There are few things more beautiful than the peaceful face of a sleeping child.

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