Earlier this week I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  This isn’t a new feeling for me.  I stay just on the edge of overwhelmed most of the time.  I kind of like it that way.  I like the predictability of following a busy schedule.  I like that breaks and free evenings or afternoons are really cherished.  Without the busy, I couldn’t appreciate the slow downs.

But this week, I had crossed into true overwhelmed status.  I was overwhelmed with the enormity of laundry, full backpacks, paperwork for home and school, clutter, dust, toys, dirty dishes, places to be, people to see, appointments to keep and to make, articles to read, cards to send … the list could go on and on.

The cool thing about this week was how I quickly went from overwhelmed by things to do to being overwhelmed with the blessings they represent!  How lucky Iam!  How amazing that I have been given so many many gifts!

  • Children that make messes
  • A husband that cooks (and makes messes)
  • plenty of seasonally appropriate and fashionable clothing for everyone – and I mean overwhelmingly plenty
  • Children that are able to enjoy gymnastics and baseball and school
  • Children that are able to do their homework
  • A home with electricity, water, a sturdy roof, and walls that keep us safe and warm
  • Children that can talk and communicate and tell me story after story after story (and even call each other mean names)
  • Food to cook, dishes to eat from, soap to clean them
  • A job that is rewarding and challenging
  • A  husband that loves me even though I’m not always easy to be around
  • Friends that support me and make me laugh
  • Health that allows me to get lots of the jobs completed

I could keep going, but you get the idea.  Rather than feel sorry that I had too much to do, I was blessed to see how much I am able to do.  Even that idea, that feeling of gratitude, wasn’t put in my brain of its own nature!  I was blessed with the feeling of gratitude on just the day I needed it.  All week I have held onto the gift of this family.  Taking care of this home and its people makes me smile – even as it makes me tired.  I am thankful for the hard stuff, because with it, comes the great stuff.  I would never appreciate the amazing, without the hard.  Overwhelming!


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