I LOVE Spring!

spring-007While I am bummed with this weekend’s yucky weather, I am going to cheer myself up with some photos from last weekend.  Last weeked we traveled for Tiggy’s Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament.  (More on that when I get the photos from the 35mm camera.)  The games were over by early afternoon so we had a chance to hit the mall.  After my recent shopping extravaganza, there really wasn’t much that I needed.  I picked up a few $2 shirts for Lucy at Old Navy and that was about it.  spring-010

We took a little detour on our way home through a beautiful little downtown area.  We stopped for some much needed ice cream and sunshine.  I went to a store specializing in Irish, Scottish and Welsh gifts, but was a little disappointed in the Welsh section.  I spent just over 2 months in Wales when I did my student teaching and fell in love with the country.  spring-005My favorite “Welsh” experience of the day was the chance to watch the “daffs” blow in the breeze.  Happy Spring to me!



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  1. Whenever I see “daffs” I think of my semester in London—-spring seemed to erupt so gloriously in Kensington Gardens! Yay Spring. Time for ice cream and a picnic.

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