ALL the bags

I have made the comment before that I LOVE heavy bags.  I love going shopping and having lots of stuff to carry.  As a school teacher, this is not a dream that is often lived. 

After Lucy’s 8th birthday party, as we packed up to go home, her father noticed that her hands were very full.  He gentlemanly asked to carry some of her loot.  She quickly and politely confirmed that she “will carry ALL the bags.”february-156

I had to laugh to myself on that one!  I totally get her.  Recently on my own yearly shopping spree, I had to have a picture of myself with ALL the bags.pats-birthday-001

Tonight when we were looking at pictures, she scrolled down to the one of her with her bags and said, “That’s my favorite one.”  It’s one of my favorites too!



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2 responses to “ALL the bags

  1. Ooohhh…I can identify the exact location where you are shopping and I wish I was there!!!

  2. I have 2 yearly trips with friends and am ready to go! Too bad for me that we don’t go until June (and then again in November!) It looks like you had a great time!

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