all those candles

Lucy was insistent that we give Papa a birthday party.  Here’s the play by play:

We stop at the grocery store on the way home to get his favorite – yellow cake and chocolate icing.  Since he doesn’t like to actually eat decorations we pick out some beautiful candy decorations.  These will be good for the kids to eat and easy for Papa to pick off.  We choose a daddish balloon with a deer on it.  We purchase one of Papa’s favorites for dinner – pork steaks – knowing he’ll be the one to cook them.

In the car, Lucy and Bubby are buckled.  We are on our way to get Memmy at daycare.  Me:  “Bub, hold that balloon so I can see.”  Then I proceed to open the sunroof (not my brightest moment).  Out goes the balloon.  Out of my mouth comes a completely inappropriate word. 

Keep in mind that we are on the only 4 lane road in our town.  I turn around watching the lightly weighted balloon bee-bop out of the turn lane toward a nearby gas station.  (God obviously took into consideration that I did not  have enough cash on me to buy another balloon.)  The balloon hops sweetly over to the gas station as I slowly pull into the lot.  Bubby hops out of the rolling car, grabs balloon and hops back in before I ever stop.  Off we go to daycare – with the sunroof now securely closed. 

Fast forward to the making of the cake.  Lucy and Memmy and Bubby each have a turn to crack an egg and stir some batter of the yellow cake mix that I am preparing with a little help from Duncan Hines.  The cake is successfully baked.  Whew!

After I ice it, Lucy adds the decorations.  The boys pitch in with the candles.  Thank goodness I bought the economy pack!  I proceed to light all those candles.  Here is the completed cake.pats-birthday-002

We sing “Happy Birthday” and Papa gears up to blow out all those candles.pats-birthday-003

After a few more blows and the clearing of the smoke…pats-birthday-004

I look at the end where I started lighting candles and realize just how long it took for me to light all those candlespats-birthday-007



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5 responses to “all those candles

  1. I love the picture with all the smoke! The pictures tell the story!

  2. Michele

    Laughing hysterically! I can’t believe you stopped and got the balloon! And I wonder if your children now know the king of all bad words???
    The smoke cracked me up but I cannot believe the disastrous mess left behind!
    What a great post!

  3. Papa Bear

    From now on we will use number candles!!!

  4. Mare

    I love the balloon story, it really sounds like something I would do.

    Please tell Pat that I think I saw smoke signals in the one picture with all the smoke.

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