Happy Birthday Darling Husband!

In honor of my Darling Husband’s 48th birthday, I’ve decided to list 48 of the things that I love about him…

  1. When you smile, your eyes light up and crinkle around the edges.
  2. neck massages
  3. listening to you read to Memmy
  4. chicken and dumplins
  5. sweet and sour meatballs
  6. biscuits and gravy
  7. grilled chicken with green beans
  8. and all of my other favorite foods that you make better than anyone
  9. watching you shoot baskets with Tiggy
  10. you can fix the car – well, you can fix anything
  11. the sink,
  12. the lights,
  13. the washer/dryer,
  14. and the vacuum cleaner
  15. that you use the vacuum cleaner so I don’t have to
  16. that you cut raw chicken so I don’t have to
  17. that you mop the floors so I don’t have to
  18. that you mow the grass so I don’t have to
  19. that you remember important numbers and dates so I don’t have to
  20. and all the other things you do to make my life easier
  21. that you drive long distances (so I can sleep)
  22. watching you play catch with Bubby
  23. holding hands at the movies
  24. Lucy’s cradle & changing table,
  25. our gorgeous floors,
  26. and all the other things that you’ve created with wood
  27. you understand when I just need to cry
  28. you don’t freak out when I spend too much money at Gymboree
  29. you call me “hottie”
  30. quick witty jokes
  31. watching you play with Hershey
  32. cuddling on the couch
  33. going new places with you
  34. your stories about when you were younger
  35. you rescue me when I need it
  36. you cheer me on when I need it
  37. you’re proud of me when I don’t deserve it
  38. you are so tough and strong that you can lift anything
  39. you let me put my cold toes on you when I sleep
  40. you put up with me
  41. when you take the kids to the bathroom at restaurants
  42. big  hugs
  43. you’re tall enough to reach things
  44. did I say already that you’re funny?
  45. you’ll walk my daughter down the aisle one day
  46. you work hard to keep us safe
  47. and happy
  48. that you love me as much as I love you

The kids added a few things they love about Daddy…

“I love that he takes us to the feed store and let’s us see the animals.” – Lucy

“Huggy.” – Memmy



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Darling Husband!

  1. Aw! I forgot he is one of the many people I know with a March 15th birthday (my mom and my good friend Gina being the main ones I do remember.) What is it about the Ides of March? 🙂 This is a wonderful list and makes me even fonder of him. I remember the first time I met him I was afraid he was one of “those dads” who was sort of a grump. I have learned more about him and seen him grow in the last seven years so that I know he is one of “those dads” that kids are lucky to have! 🙂 Happy, happy birthday Papa Bear.

  2. Cabrina

    That is so sweet! It made me cry!

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