OK – Here is a conversation that I had with Mem this weekend…I was typing at the computer and he comes up to me talking about a truck toy that he has in his hand.  As you soon figure out, I wasn’t really listening with all of my brain.  He said something about it being tough and all “because of these (pause) testicles.” 

I turned around pretty confused, but now focusing on him completely.  When I hear the word “testicles” come out of my four year old’s mouth, I generally pay closer attention.  “Testicles?” I question.  He says something again about other cars being afraid of this truck because of “these (pause again) testicmarch-161les…”

Hmmm?  Now this is where you need to know what the truck looked like.  Picture me staring at the truck in question trying to figure out how it has testicles.  So, I offer, “Do you mean tenticles?”  Still grasping…

“No, Mom, you know, like those really big seals.”  He’s totally imploring me now to give him the word.  I am mentally congratulating myself on not laughing hysterically.  That drama class in college has paid off!  After another blank look from me, he says again “like those really big seals” while motioning with his arms off his face. 

AH-HA!  “You mean a WALRUS!” 

“Yes.”  Like he knew it all along.

“WITH TUSKS” I continue.  “YES! Mom, tusks.”

And there you have it.  From testicles to tusks.  At that point I let it go that the things on the truck are actually bull horns….


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  1. LOL. Good job not cracking up on that one!

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